Once per month Bloody Mary will answer a random psychic question from all those sent to me. I may email your answer or post it. Please send real life questions to be considered ! Thank you

Bloody Mary’s Answer:

“Oh, Joy, careful what you ask for! Wording is very important so be specific in your desires, and be smart! And, girl, love is not control, but if you want to isolate your husband in a dark quiet corner… With only you in his sight-line, then your wording is fine. I can tell you that you would probably get bored really quick, unless you are heavy into domination and submission. Realize what you are asking: we work with women, buy from women, sell to women, have women as children, mothers (oh, where does it end!). With your wording maybe he would end up only being around you ever. Or, perhaps, a male or a Caitlyn Jenner could still get in the way. Step 1) Be specific. Step 2) Work on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Please reword your question and get back to me. Think about it. Isn’t it really about to be loved more, be noticed more, feel special, and be treated right? Right? Blessings.