Ghost Writer: Glenette

/Ghost Writer: Glenette

Ghost Writer: Glenette

December is Julie’s month so December was the month for my interview with this new  author and roommate of our famous featured ghost,  Julie  Glenette. Her new book is now released asn of April  2016.
Have a bit of Q & A
What is the title if your book:

Julie’s Spirit A New Orleans Ghost Story

Glynette you are a California girl who fell for NOLA and made it your second home. If I understand right it was not until you came here that you became interested in ghosts. Why do you think that is?

Yes. Living in New Orleans is so opposite of California. Plus I grew up hearing ghosts were bad, dark and against my religion. But I moved here bought a haunted house (maybe accidentally or on purpose ),  I didn’t know the house was haunted. The house just spoke to me… I got sucked in. Things started happening, ghost tours gathered below my window – I starred to research and began to pay attention.

A decade if ago someone told you you would be writing a ghost book and be communicating with sprits what would you have said?

It would be fun… But are you crazy.

Though this book is mainly about Julie it is also abut you and your interaction with the spirit world. Tell us: what is the most surprising thing for you about living with ghosts?

That spirits can be helpful to you and that things go missing.

What is the hardest thing for you about living with a ghost?

Things move around, change up items end up in places you don’t remember, where you never even put them ever…

How has this experience changed you?

Nothing surprises me!

What was your Main purpose for writing the book?

It’s memories of the many events that just keep happening here. Just here… all the time. Things most people don’t experience. Over the last 9 years so many unusual things have happened,  it just can’t be coincidence. Spirits can be your companion also. Your friend & protector…

Can you tell us one quick version of a paranormal interaction that you would like to share?

I was painting a mask and wasted a whole day sitting & thinking about what not to do. I didn’t want to mess it up. I realized the elastic head strap needed to be tucked under so it wouldn’t get paint spattered on it… As I was thinking this the mask lifted up tucked the elastic under the mask and cane back down again… I finished the mask the next day…

Any thing else you want to tell the world about anything – let us know here:

I’d just like to repeat that an everyday person like me can have a spirit friend.. Who protects me and is my roommate...

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