Dead and Famous: Delphine Lalaurie

/Dead and Famous: Delphine Lalaurie

Dead and Famous: Delphine Lalaurie

The most well known New Orleans ghost  is our infamous Madame Delphine Lalaurie. This sadist socialite loved soirées and blood baths (of one form or another. We offer you an overview of  her story here an an in depth version on 2 different Bloody Mary’s tours . Madame Lalaurie has everything that a horror story needs packed neatly into one: Bloodlust , jealousy, murder,  mayhem and treachery. Delphine Lalaurie still haunts her old home  at 1140 Royal Street in the French Quarter and she is not alone. Many spirits remain within the walls of the ne’er  twelve thousand square foot  40 room mansion on Royal and Governor Nichols Streets. She is our #1 pick for the Dead and Famous feature story, but her house, the ghost House on Royal, also ranks No. 1 in our most haunted countdown. Which started counting last month, we are now on number nine. Madame  is a feature story in my new book  #bloodymarysguide and a feature story on at least 2 of my tours, the Walking Tour for the Undead and Ghost Town Tours.  I reveal some new “discovery” info in my book, so please read Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings horrors and Dancing with the Dead. True Stories of New Orleans Voodoo Queen, In my book she is ghost, phantom, Vampira – all three. The fully detailed biography is in Carolyn Long’s: Mistress of the Haunted House, featured in our ghost writer category.

Many  details may have been exaggerated about the tortures of Madame Lalaurie over the years but the atrocities are very real. Recently she was resurrected incorrectly in American Horror Story: Coven a popular TV show set in New Orleans. Madame Lalaurie was miscast as Kathy Bates. Kathy, though a wonderful actress, was indeed not the match for Madame Lalaurie, who would have preferred a Demi Moore. Madame Lalaurie was a hot, rich cougar connected heavily in the wheelings and dealings of old New Orleans. Her husband was her cub, a Frenchman some eighteen years younger than herself. Many think he had a hand in the  torturous affairs of  Delphine Lalaurie, but in my opinion she acted on her own accord.  But he  knew very well what was going on  within those walls and probably even watched. There is so much to this tale that it would be very hard to do in justice in a small blog. Here is my version in a sound bite: Madame Lalaurie tortured her slaves in life and still does so in afterlife. In turn they torture her in a vicious triangle of torture,  bloodlust and a  hotbed of passions . She is trapped in the house ,The ghost house on Royal has carried the pain, the shame and the horror for over 175 years. Some who live there are unaffected but others are destroyed. However, all are very very aware of the hauntings and the horrors within those walls.

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