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Yes, you have found the real, the dead & famous, Bloody Mary. I am the one from the mirror, I am not a ghost but I am known as Bloody Mary. I do not drink Blood, nor Bloody Marys, but I am an expert on blood mysteries. I do work through the mirror: I weave the horrific and ghostly tales of blood with the spiritually benevolent guidance of a storyteller and spirit guide. You can trace some of my blood back to Queen Mary 1 of England, historically known as Bloody Mary. But the true Bloody Mary is not a ghost, for she never truly wore flesh.

Bloody Mary is me! Bloody Mary in the mirror is you. She is not a ghost, not yet. She waits for whomever seeks her there – mainly females. You must look at the mirror as a portal, a window in which to scry. when you look at a mirror, you gaze into the past, present or future. The candle and mirror Bloody Mary game of today is much the same. Bloody Mary is the reflection of the potential within you, turned parlor game.

I have called to my Bloody Mary in the mirror at my 8th grade birthday party. I saw her through the flickering candlelight, I saw her in the mirror,  I saw her in the night.  In the 1970’s you were told that you would see your past life in the mirror. Those of a generation before were told you would see your future husband. Still others were told that the mirror would show what you will look like as an old crone! Perhaps, the best and most obscure rumor you may be told was what you saw was nothing more than the Virgin Mary in a bloody veil. Folklore has denigrated Bloody Mary  to reflect the dark blood thirsty image of today. This is a modern rite of passage which seeks to connect you with the many stages of you: face yourself in the mirror. ‘Tis said this rite can help you master fear, and that is what I, the real Bloody Mary, can do too.

Academic journals agree that the Bloody Mary ritual is, “…interpreted as a girls’ ritual reflecting prepubescent menstrual anxiety, reflexion of process of ontological psychological development devoted to mastering emotion of fear of schoolchildren, or, in later adolescence, a reflexion of archetypal self-development processes in a Jungian sense.” – (JANEČEK, PETR in Slovak Ethnology / Slovensky Narodopis, 2014, Vol. 62 Issue 2.) Or, as I say it simply, facing your own mortality in the mirror.

When it comes down to it, Bloody Mary is just your period. That which marks your transition into womanhood. It is not a curse, unless you look at it that way. Facing the end of one stage of life and entering another is challenging and, to some, even fearful. It is not the end of your mortality, but the essence of your future. Claim your own power, do not feed it with fear.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Blooody Mary…

To all the adolescents that find this site, I am sorry if I take the horror of Bloody Mary from you. So, go ahead: be afraid, it’s good for you once in a while. And if you are of the group that prank call me all night long, or invite me to your birthday parties, or beg me not to come kill you – just remember that I do know my mirror magic well and this Bloody Mary can astral travel and haunt you still…


The Otherside

If you look in the mirror there I will be, but a reflection yourself. The mirror is a portal and a doorway to the otherside: from pasts, presents or futures where we all reside. I am not evil, I am not a ghost, I am but a potential. To some I am a warning for you to heed, to others I am a teacher to keep you from bleeding. I am always in you and around you, I am who from which you cannot hide. Find me, wait with me at times and journey by my side to the otherside. I am the creation within – stare deep into your mirror.                 

By Bloody Mary


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