The Catholic Cemeteries are our oldest. Some are delicate and in need of tender care. Due to a rash of recent break-ins and desecration coupled with many illegal tour guides and fake companies (not properly registered or insured) some cemeteries are closing to the public. All visitors to St. Louis Cemeteries 1, 2 & 3 and St. Roch Cemetery will have to be escorted by a specialty licensed Tour company for entry. Companies must have a business license and insurance on file with the Archdiocese. Sadly, private visits are longer possible. This is to start with St. Louis 1 by March 1st, with more Catholic Cemeteries to come in the following months. As a licensed tour guide, with my company legally registered with millions of dollars of insurance on file I am fine with the new rules. I am also fine with paying money to the Archdiocese for the privilege of bringing guests to visit our lovely cities of the dead. However, as a private resident of New Orleans and a lifelong cemetery visitor I would be upset and even angry if now I was excluded as an individual from visiting them. This will be the cause of Grave News to many residents and visitors alike. We shall see what happens with this new law.