The 13 Steps of Bloody Mary:

  • Employ respect and caution
  • Be mindful and courteous
  • Be open, but be strong
  • Reach out to assist
  • Evoke — do not provoke
  • Listen and Be Aware
  • Integrate intuition & experience
  • Set boundaries but Fear Not
  • Ground and Cleanse regularly
  • Pray for all and give thanks
  • Raise your own Vibrations
  • Nurture spirit allies
  • Dance and Laugh a lot

Dear Seekers,

My whole life has been integrated with the spirit worlds that do surround. Since I was a child I was aware we were not alone.  It took until adolescence until I encountered anything that, lets say, was not totally of the light. When that occurred I did not run in fear, instead I ran to the library where I dug deep into the history and mystery of it all. I was fortunate to have grown up in a mystical town that had elders willing to share their wisdom, but it was not at all like today where anyone can search for things at a click – you had to work for it! I feel when you really had to work for it and had to be a real apprentice which includes going through the school of hard knocks, sweating out in the field that the spirits come to answer more often. That is how it worked for me. People rely more on quick fix answers from computers or TV gurus than directly from the spirits themselves. The spirits may be more discerning than Google Or Bing but they have a much wider and stronger database. I suggest  that “Listen and Be Aware” step almost more than any other steps to help you on your path of connection. Always remember that the strongest thread throughout  life and afterlife of course is respect. But don’t forget, to have fun along the way  and lighten up, For if you remember their humanness so will they.

Supernaturally Yours,

Bloody Mary