Paranormal Fiction Author, DC Grace and her Non-Fiction Supernatural Scoop on New Orleans

Many authors are drawn to New Orleans for inspiration. DC Grace is no exception. In fact she loves New Orleans so much  that she got married here December 28.2014; Bloody Mary, priestess presiding. The ceremony was at LA Provincial one of New Orleans premier Haunted Hotels.



Who are you? Describe yourself.

I am a lover of various cultures, the paranormal, kitties and all things fuzzy. I don’t put myself in just one box. I am a woman of many boxes… hehehe! I am also an author of paranormal/fantasy fiction, and am currently working on my sixth book.

Do you have one particular turning point that pulled you into paranormal fiction?

I don’t know if it was just one thing per se. I’ve always had a fascination with the supernatural. The first story I ever wrote was about “the thing in the basement”, and that was at nine years old. It seems only fitting, I suppose, that paranormal/fantasy is the genre I would end up in,

Do you find New Orleans a source of paranormal inspiration for you?

Most definitely! New Orleans not only inspires me in that aspect, but with characters, as well. I love to sit at Cafe du Monde and people watch. But more particularly, Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral at night are powerhouses of inspiration for me. The fog rolling in, the sound of footsteps on damp cobbles, shadows stretching across the buildings – it’s got everything my mind needs to go into creativity overload!

What do you love about New Orleans?

What don’t I love would be a shorter list, hahahaha! I love the history, the warmth of the people, the food, the atmosphere. Everything. Mostly I love that sense of “home” that settles over me the second I reach the city limits.

Have you had any actual paranormal experiences in New Orleans? If so, where, when?

Until I was in the Crescent City for my wedding, the vast majority of my paranormal experiences here were pretty tame: the feeling of being watched, that kind of thing. But having had prior experiences, I knew what they were. But during our stay at Hotel Provincial, which is most definitely haunted, I woke up to see a shadow go across the wall. Since my then fiance/now husband was asleep beside me, I can only assume that was the resident ghost from our suite. 🙂

When you stay in New Orleans do you purposely choose a haunted hotel it do you find out find out after-the-fact?

On purpose. Definitely on purpose. 😉

What made you want to get married in New Orleans and/or with me?

Really, New Orleans was the only choice. The Big Easy has always been my favorite place in the world, and my relationship with Craig is a perfect fit for it. He loves, appreciates and respects what I do, and he’s as fascinated with history, architecture and the supernatural as I am. Getting married there just made sense for us.

Having you officiate was another thing that simply made sense. We knew what we wanted out of a wedding ceremony, going back to the Olde World Celtic vows, etc., and I knew you were just the woman for that job. If anybody could meld Wicca and Gaelic and give us the beautiful, memorable ceremony we were looking for, it was Bloody Mary! 

You got married in a hotel it is known to be haunted. It was once a hospital that was used to treat soldiers from the Battle of New Orleans. The Battle of New Orleans was brewing 200 years ago from the dates during your stay, Though you were probably very busy and distracted with wedding prep, did you or your guests have any strange dreams or  paranormal encounters  with  soldiers, battles, pirates and the lot?

Just that one late night visitor to our suite. I think it was the little girl from the picture over our fireplace. If anyone else had an experience, they ain’t talking, hahaha!

Do you ever take any inspiration for a characters in your books from real ghosts and history or living people from here?

Oh yes! My current WIP, set to release later this year, was inspired by people and places in and around New Orleans! Backroom Bourbon Street will touch on the “legend” of Marie Laveau, and is actually set in modern New Orleans. It opens outside St. Louis Cathedral at midnight – I went straight for the spine tingles! I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

What do you think about all the  spirit stories and ghost pictures I’ve shared with you  of Lafitte, Laveau or Lalaurie?

I love all your stories, but particularly those about Marie Laveau. So much mystery remains about her, even down to the question of her birth year. It just gets my creative juices flowing!

 Lafitte would be an awesome fictional hero, though I must admit I don’t know as much as I’d like to know. I plan to come back soon and do some research, though.

Do your novels also deal with nature spirits, faeries and the dark side too?

Yes, they do. I like to show the dark side. As an author, I’m not afraid to do that. I think to have light, you must also have dark. Ying and yang, all things must balance.

Have you ever felt the dark side of NOLA?

Just once, walking down a darkened street at night on the Quarter. I didn’t see anything, but there was definitely something there. This was a few years back, but I still avoid that particular courtyard entrance at night!

So you write about the dark side but are not quite ready to confront it. What do you fear would happen if you did?

I don’t know if I necessarily “fear” something happening. If I know what I’m up against, I’ll absolutely face it. It’s when it’s the “unknown” – that proverbial can of worms, if you will – that I’m not too excited to confront. Those dark forces that I’m unaware of and unprepared for are what keep me away from that courtyard entrance.

(I am taking the courtyard as a metaphor here)

Have you ever felt the nature spirit side of New Orleans?

 Definitely, especially along the banks of the Mississippi! Sometimes, sitting in the park at Jackson Square, if you’re very quiet, you can almost hear them in the trees… or so I’d like to think… Yes, New Orleans is definitely home sweet home for my restless author’s mind!

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