Top 10 Haunted New Orleans Sites Countdown

/Top 10 Haunted New Orleans Sites Countdown

Top 10 Haunted New Orleans Sites Countdown

There are so many haunted places in New Orleans that it is very hard choose only 10 haunted New Orleans sites. It is not surprising that two of them are bars: one is our #10 on the list and the other ranks at #1. Pubs, of course, would be a favorite hang out for spirits in this town. Private homes and very sober places also rank in my top 10. The numbering has changed throughout the years, for hauntings generally fluctuate as owners change hands and as nature takes her toll.

Check back soon for more for all are coming soon month by month on Bloody Mary’s Top Ten haunted countdown. Look out for a follow-up of top 10 haunted Louisiana plantations and hear of Bloody Mary’s Voodoo, Paranormal team investigations and experience all of them. Though Louisiana Myrtle’s plantation gets all the attention and has even been called “America’s most haunted site.” The Myrtles Plantation does not rank No. 1 on my list. I have a lot to say about my visits and my TV show filmed within. You can see where it ranks on Bloody Mary’s most haunted plantation list, just check back soon.
#10 Alibi Bar 811 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70112, open 24 hours

A local service industry and tourist crowd haunt this beloved locale. It’s a

[;ace for a good drink and a place for great late night food. The graveyard shift is really rough on the workers who are often alone. It is then, that the knife dance begins. Whilst cutting fruit or turning your back for a moment any nearby knife can hurl itself across the bar and stick firmly, point down into the middle of the floor. Sometimes repeatedly in manner of a few minutes time. In the 1970’s, a knife fight broke out in the bar. It ended as you may expect: in a death. It seems this fight may still be going on today.

It is in the open, unused floors, storage for old chairs, boxes, and linen where most of the spirits still live. Even more activity is present in the areas thought to be the servant’s or slave quarters. It is up these stairs that consistent, unusual sounds and visuals have been reported over the last few decades. There was also a personal reporting of a full skeleton found in the inner walls there in the 1980’s, but what became of it? I do not know. There have been a few sightings of spirits of young women. One conversed with a patron with witness to the conversation while in line at the bathroom and warned her not to take 1-10 home that day. No employee or other patrons were in the bar that later afternoon that met her description upon inquiry, but the girl heeded the warning anyway. The patron called back the next day to explain to management and to say thank you, to whoever the spirit was, for three different women died in separate incidents on the 1-10 that day.

#9 The Pharmacy Museum Chartres street 514 Chartres Street NOLA 70130

Mr.Louis J. Dufilho was the first licensed pharmacist in US  and his once true pharmacy now  turned museum, Circa 1823 ranks #9 as our haunted museum . His spirit and the questionable character of another Doctor within the same building are reported as phantoms of site. You have a definite good cop bad cop  playing themselves out in here, But thats not all…

The revolving museum displays accent  an already incredible permanent display of killer medicines from yesteryear, optical advancements throughout time and an impeccable 19th century marble soda fountain are also sure to appease your intellect alongside a  bevy of spirits at this Pharmacy Museum. There are  other satisfactions to thrill tingles up your spine for as in any goood haunted museum several of the display items are haunted and move around on their own. You can add  this stop to one of our private haunted tours or take your own a tour inside and see if and of the haunted display items move toward you on their own.


#8 Mae Baileys Bar Dauphine Orleans Hotel bar

Once a brothel, this small pub and service bar to the Dauphine Orleans hotel has Madame Mae Bailey. The former 19th century licensed Madame in this old red light district known as shutter town. She likes conversation, girl talk and men with money. She is seen in the courtyard by the pool, in guest room 111 overhead and in the bar itself. Other ghosts mingle within as well – patrons of the past. A grey haired gent in a white suit, sporting a panama hat are seen the most frequently. He knocks books and brochures off their shelves constantly. A giddy young lady dances by the courtyard pool outsider. There is a particularly dark fellow here as well, but we will share the inside stories on the actual Haunted pub crawl tours. We gave this location to Ghost Adventures Travel Channel show and my husband Matthew was the on camera New Orleans tour guide and investigator in that 2012 New Orleans show (which also included our own personal Haunted house) The best stuff about from Mae Baileys ended up on the editing room floor. So an entire huge ghost story was edited out and usurped by a fictitious Katrina ghost agenda which was and is not a ghost issue at Mae Baileys. Come along with Bloody Mary’s Tours so that the people who actually were the behind the scenes and on camera, witnesses appearing on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventure New Orleans and Louisiana episodes are your personal  guides for the original and the best haunted pub tour,  We will show you first hand…


 #7 The Voodoo Museum 724 Dumaine street NOLA 70116 tours 7 days a week

The Voodoo Museum houses dusty old displays of voodoo and hoodoo artifacts from New Orleans and South-east Louisiana Displays to wander through. At least six spirits of man and beast roam the grounds of the Voodoo Museum, and the list could be growing as we speak. Long time employee and Hoodoo Man John T. Martin passed Dec 2014. He was the snake hander and maybe he will return round feeding time. Voodoo Charley, founder of the museum, watches his collection, some of which may be watching you. Some of the items have spirits, the building has its own spirits and there were times when I brought some there with me too. I say there are “seven ghost and counting ” within here and this is a surprising large chapter in my book #bloodymarysguide to Hauntings  Horrors and Dancing with the dead.   just released March 2016, Weiser Books. We stop by there on the tour of the undead and a few private custom tours too.


#6 Coming out in April



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