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Ghost Gallery 1: Paranormal photo page

Ghost Gallery 2 : EVP | Paranormal spirit voice evidence

There are times that you actually hear disembodied voices and sounds and there are other times that this evidence is only captured on a recorder or through some form of electronic ghost ITC equipment like Ghost Box P-sb7 and Ovulus or apps and sites like Echovox, Ghost Radar and Steve Huff’s SCD-1.

The experience is more powerful in my opinion when it is a direct voice phenomenon (DVP) over an electronic Voice phenomenon (EVP), but the trend in the now in paranormal investigations is EVP evidence. I lead many into the experience of DVP and EVP when they go on our paranormal and ghost adventures.

The second EVP is caught during the filming of The Smart show which shares the clearest, most dramatic EVP we have recorded. The sound came though the professional sound equipment from the production company filming this tourist segment on the show right after I opened the gates in my haunted voodoo temple area! Many EVPs are indiscernible and difficult to translate. Some EVP are simply distorted sounds that humans stretch their minds to make fit in as intelligent responses,and can be classified as a Carpenter effect or patterning; some are real.

Ghost Gallery 3: Paranormal video

Ghost Gallery: Video evidence of spirit energy in an orb shower in the first clip is in my home in my Voodoo parlor. This occurred during a spirit connection ITC session, ceremony and ghost hunt right when we were abandoning attempts to connect in that room and readying to leave to another. The spirits were all leaving too. The Altar area is extremely sensitive and responds to shamanic and psychic approaches more than modern paranormal tools. The bedroom responds to both so we finished our ghost adventures in that adjoining room.

I address the spirits formally and cordially to open the way as well as say goodbye and close the gates at the end; this is not only polite but ceremonially prudent. I practice safe supernatural sessions and thereby teach and provide protection for my guests and greater connection too. I take this all seriously, this is all real!

NEW New Orleans Haunted Museum Sneak peek

Where does old school start and where does new school take over? I try to go back to shamanic cultures, how they treated the ancestors. I go way back, I feed the dead, offer libations and dance with the dead too. If you consider old school as the early 20th century at the tail end of the spiritualist movement with university paranormal studies then I also utilize those old school methods.

The psychic phenomenon was a huge part of early paranormal studies. I teach some methods to help you enhance that investigatory skill. Parapsychologist heavy hitters like a deceased- associate Hans Holtzer did not legitimately recognize most of the paranormal investigation tools of modern day unless they were heavy duty devices like Hertz rate meters. His research did embrace spirit photography and the spirit recordings (EVPs). I have collaborated with Hans Holtzer directly about New orleans spirits and his methodology direct and with one of his assistants in the past, so I am likely to utilize some of his methods as well as the older, old school methods.

I am abreast of all the new Paranormal equipment on the market. Many of them are gain popularity very quickly through paranormal television shows. Many are made in garages and are not scientifically tested, and are infested with bugs when they first come to market; some improve as time goes by , but many die. Demand for paranormal equipment has skyrocketed in recent years, so a number of products that do not necessarily yield results have hit the market. That is sad, but on the other hand there are some great new spirit boxes like the Geobox and a few others that are worth trying. You can work with anything once you develop your psychic connection with it: a flashlight, toys,  a pendulum, K2 meters, or even those old school bells whistles and raps still count and are used for the “yes or no answers” with the spirit world.

The Spiritualist movement in the 19th century was equal in popularity to the present day paranormal movement. However the modern version does not generally keep as many religious beliefs in it. It is now more comfortable and acceptable for the mainstream, to simply deal with it from a scientific point of view. Unfortunately rarely do most employee a true scientific method , or blind or double blind procedures on k2, EVP or flashlight sessions limiting psychic manipulation. But there is no such thing as a wholly scientific contact with the other side anyway not any way to block human mind’s possible manipulation, intentional or unintentional. When spirits are involved there is a human and a spiritual factor present. Faith in the spirit world and belief form an inner knowing is necessary, It is all about the experience. The investigations of yesteryear may have been gathering more around a table in seance form rather than para- teams coercing the blinking lights in k2″s and listening to unidentified Ghost box transmissions, but they both are doing the same things.

We can learn a lot from the studies of our Spiritualist forebears. Their research is significant.

Voodoo is an ancient religion and is shamanistic in nature. Voodoo is very integrated into the New Orleans culture, so my method combines the old ways coupled with some modern methods including Spiritualism and Paranormal aspects. I am not gadget oriented but do utilize and provide paranormal equipment for comparative benefit. I teach you how to use these gadgets as well as provide psychic connection exercises for you to focus and develop your own innate, intuitive abilities. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment along, we will teach you beyond simply using equipment for I believe focusing too much on the technical aspect is sometimes a distraction.
I open and close the gates in the ceremonial framework and spiritual reverence of Voodoo and therefore help create a boundary, a protective circle, which surrounds us and provides clarity in connection. We honor the the dead by giving offerings and explaining our intentions. This enhances connection and provides protection at the same time, as well as serving to honor the unseen worlds.

In 1995 Bloody Mary started to develop the method she calls Voodoo Paranormal. It is an appropriate term since the word Voodoo translates to mean “spirit,” or “spirit force,” and because Bloody Mary is a New Orleans voodoo queen and a Voodoo Mambo asogwe. Voodoo and many shamanic religions, old religions, revere the ancestors. Of course, these ancestral religions call and feed the spirits (dance with them too). So, in a collective process with Bloody Mary, the mysteries and Le Mort, the New Orleans Ghosts Voodoo Paranormal was born.

She has taught modern paranormal investigators how to soften their approach with the spirit world and how to open their own psychic abilities for over 20 years. She also teaches proper protection and methods to honor the spirit at the same time. “My favorite tool is still the camera and I am a great paranormal photographer. Sometimes it is easier to see a ghost in  photos rather than with the naked eye: the camera catches a broader spectrum of light and it stops action. Many of our multi-dimensional friends out there appear faster than most human eyes can register.  The camera does not have that prejudice so it will simply stop the action mid-stream and, perhaps, provide a clearer picture of what we had just seen, felt, heard or smelled. ” explains Bloody Mary.
Please read my 13 steps to Voodoo paranormal blog.

We have the Victorian visual of a seance: sitting around a round table holding hands, table tipping and summoning ethereal manifestations recreated in the flesh for you (its up to the ghosts if they show). This is still as much of a valid way of connecting with the other side today as it was historically in old New Orleans. When group minds collect together to connect with a loved one it is still a wonderful way to contact the other side. We recreate this paranormal glamour atmosphere of yesteryear here and now privately at the Spirit Realm for your personal mediumship needs and we also pop-up paranormal and travel with our wares to your special event or psychic party.
I love automatic writing, it is you and the spirit in collaboration as you become the psychic scribe. I have written and learned much form the spirits in this way and taught thousands of people throughout the years through various exercises with great results. The spirit does not come take your hand and do the writing as you sit there watching like Hollywood may make you think, but you do become entranced in the process. Come experience this with us in a class or as part of a ghost hunt
We have been acquiring our haunted collection for 25 years: some was found, some inherited, a few manifested and others sought me out in various ways. I have Imortelles, haunted dolls, spirit bottles, apport objects, toys, talismans, totems, shaman’s tools and even some personal artifacts of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Much more to see and feel in this collection in the Bloody Mary’s Haunted museum.
This 12 foot by 7 foot photograph collection of various paranormal evidence was my first Ghost Gallery haunted museum exhibit from a 1999 Art for Art sake installation grand opening  in collaboration the Voodoo Museum at Bloody Mary’s Spirit Realm in the haunted slave quarters on 724 Dumaine Street.. It remained there and travelled to parties with me until the year Katrina came. Since then the ghost photo gallery is in my private haunted home but still comes out for parties and Haunted pop-up museum functions. Come April 2017 it will be in ints new permanent haunted home in the french quarter in my “New Orleans haunted museum” opening this year in April 2017.
This is our paranormal preserve project and spirit realm studio. Please send us your personal spirt experience. Though we are focusing on Louisiana oral history collection we will also have out of town contributions as well. You may remain anonymous if you prefer but if you cold share the address it would be helpful. You can come in person to the Bloody Mary studio to record your ghost story or write in to request the questionerre- its all up to you

we offer advice if you need it to help the situation