#FacetheMagic Free Fest at Bloody Mary New Orleans Swamp Magic NOLA Fest 

Ever wonder why New Orleans is known as the mystic center of America? Why do people flock here to tap into our magic main stream? Why are we so haunted? What about the Voodoo and all that Jazz? Why? Well, our spirit of place is wise and wily and her core is Swamp Magic: the sweet waters- primordial, creative and transformative. The Crescent City’s liquid magic is suspended with mystic mud and clay fermenting for over 300 years waiting to offer a sincere social toast? Its in our music, its in our magic, its in our very souls. Let us, the locals, share some of those secrets with you at #SwampMagicNOLA Fest #FacetheMagic Free Fest at Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum. This is the place and the time of year to do it!

St Johns Eve on June 23 is New Orleans most magical day of the year since even before the times of  Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and the New Orleans Haunted Museum & Mystic institute invites you in.SwampMagicNOLA FestVoodoo Queen Bloody Mary and Photo Artist Author Justice Howard Bonus pre-party Free fest fun at book launch for Voodoo:Conjure & Sacrifice by Bloody Mary & Justice Howard and many rituals, blessings and 13 free events will follow. 14 other events to upgrade and pay to enter too! Dare you come face the magic with us? Meet Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary and a whole slew of local traiteurs, healers, swamp witches, mystics, psychics, priestess and adept locals to all teach you from inside the box . 10 key note speakers and surprise guests help you connect to #Facethemagic Free fest with us at Swamp Magic NOLA Fest. We reclaim the matriarch and partial proceeds help Stop Domestic violence w Festigals and Save the wetlands too.

This is a Supernatural Fest, Psychic Fest & New Orleans Voodoo Fest all Rolled into one.

Come join this whole weekend Free Fest for the New Orleans tricentennial by someone whose bloodline is as old as the city and whose passion runs as deep. Bloody Mary’s bloodline tricentennial offers her 23rd annual St Johns Eve ritual as an open to the public event. She adds a special tribute to Marie Laveau, St. John, the Spirits of New Orleans and especially honoring our Goddess: River Mamma Maman You.

Meet our Magical New Orleans women and men that stand behind them. Even if you can come to New Orleans this time you can still help out and be a  member of  SwampmagicNOLA Fest and help donate to our great causes plus get discounts and swag for your when you upgrade to any of the 14 a la carte pay events or tours added on to the Free fest or even acquire one of the 9 Coveted skeleton keys all access level memberships!

  River & Fire Baptisms                    

        Ghost hunts




    How-to Hoodoo



Book signings


 Inside the New Orleans Haunted Museum 826 & 828 N. Rampart Street in the French Quarter

Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum NOLA French Quarter #1 Spirit Shop and Metaphysical Curio Haven

Bloody Mary Haunted Museum NOLA 828 N. Rampart St

Reclaim the Matriarch

With Bloody Mary #HauntedmusuemNOLA and save the wetlands at the same time w partial proceeds benefitting The Louisiana Bucket brigade & Women’s rights by stopping domestic violence on a Step up second line parade by Festigals or maybe walk less and dance in place to drum up funds for Festigals at our drum circle at the same time Friday Night June 22 kick off Swamp Magic Nola Fest   Join team #BloodyMaryNOLA to donate moreBloody mary SwampMagicNOLA Fest supports FestGals

Voodoo Queens Bloody Mary Swamp magic #facethemagic Free Fest

Bloody Mary’s New Orleans Swamp Magic

#Facethemagic Free Fest New Orleans style!

June 22, 23 & 24 2018

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